Colour washed large ring garland with white heart

Colour washed large ring garland with white heart

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Garlands add such a touch of "craft" and class to any decor setting.

Perfect gifts too.   Add to a gift basket for a bridal shower.  Wrap it up for a lovely birthday or anniversary present.  OR even better keep it for yourself and style away.

The majority of the wooden beads are 16mm with eight 20mm, all colour washed by hand.  The heart is handmade from clay and painted a matte white.

This garland is in a ring ( we often refer to it as a garland necklace - not to be worn though hahahah ) designed to hang on a vase or wrap around books, a tray, candle holders, whatever you decide.   

Washed colours - nautical blue, pale green, grey, brown, sand and white.  

The garland loop laid straight measures 28".   As a loop it measures 14".  The white clay heart measure 3" x 3" .