Product Information

Our shelves are made of Canadian knotty pine, that is sourced from a local specialty lumber supplier.  We carefully select each piece in lengths of 8, 10, 12 feet, then hand cut to size, sand by hand, then round the front corners and countersink drilled holes.  The beads are either wood, silicone or felt.  Any that are painted are done so by hand, using acrylic paints.  The cords or ribbon used, depending on the design, are selected to best match the uniqueness of the piece.

Each swing shelf, regardless of size, is a one of a kind.  Once the creative thoughts start the design emerges and then materializes.

The swings can be hung in two ways.  One way is with one hook joining the cord or ribbon to form a triangle, OR the second way, is to use two hooks.   Regardless of your choice the swing will hang nicely.   If you want the cord or ribbon to be shorter you can do that easily by adjusting the knot.  

If you decide to use the shelf for a heavy object we recommend you weigh the object and use the appropriate hook / anchor to support the total weight, including the shelfs weight.  Hooks and anchors are categorized by weight they can support.  Contact your local hardware store and ask for the appropriate hook to support the total weight of your display.  Positioning the hook into a stud is also recommended. 

Our shelf weight ranges are:

6 inch = 319 grams, 9 inch = 360 grams, 15 inch = 500 grams and 15 inch with rail = 640 grams, triangle hangers = 50 grams

It should be noted that the swing shelves are not toys and are not meant to be used as such.  The swing shelves are created as wall art or decoration.  We highly recommend not hanging the shelves over a crib or sleeping bed.  Best to test the shelf to ensure it is securely attached to the wall before adding items to it and for sure DO NOT overload the shelf.