About Us

We, that being Diane and Richard, decided to enter the entrepreneur world, the small business world, after spending a year attending craft shows and assisting our daughter in law with the merchandizing and sales of her teething and accessory product line.  Our desire to help out H&H Baby Chews resulted in our desire to have our own product line that would complement Baby Chews, build the H&H business and at the same time be part of the H&H brand.  

Loved meeting other vendors at the shows.  We admired their work and were so impressed with their dedication to their product and their tenacity.  We saw many unique and diverse hand made products.   What was missing?  What could we add to the handmade market place that was different?  

So why not come up with something……we did.

H&H Creations is the new business, with our first product being the swing shelf, stylized after the Scandinavian design.  Hence we designed several prototypes - tested them with friends and family - received both positive and negative feedback, made modifications and finalized the designs.  

Our goal was to design a product, that was of course handmade, could be used by any age, was not specific to gender, had no limitations as to where it could be used in the home, and most importantly was reasonably priced.  Each shelf is an original.  One of a kind design, from the shelf size to the colours to the composition of wood and silicone beads or characters.

Who knew being retired would lead to this!  Both of us are in this 100%, from buying the raw materials, to creating the designs, to making the product, and thinking through how best to display the product.  

Swing Shelves are the first of many products under the H&H Creations umbrella.   More to come that are in creation now……

Building the H&H brand – first H&H Baby Chews, now H&H Creations – what's next?

The sky is the limit as to what “boomer entrepreneurs” can do…..